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Collinsville IL’s Trusted Tree Service for Fairview Heights Glen Carbon Maryville O’Fallon Troy & surrounding Metro-East communities

Gildersleeve Tree Service is a family owned and operated business providing residential and commercial customers with prompt and reliable service. For over 20 years, Lee Gildersleeve has dedicated himself to offering the best in full-service tree care, as well as providing personal attention to every job, big or small. By providing 24-hour emergency service and being knowledgeable in all aspects of tree services, the team at Gildersleeve Tree Service is able to provide you with the level of service you’d expect from a professional tree care company. Has a storm left your yard in a shamble of broken limbs? Is your beloved rose bush not looking so hot? Do you want to add a little curb appeal outside of your storefront business? Call Gildersleeve Tree Service today. From storm cleanup to dangerous tree removal, our experts are experienced in the job. Gildersleeve Tree Service specializes in stump grinding and removal, trimming, topping, and shaping, pruning, lacing, and thinning, tree feeding and fertilizing, balancing, crown reduction, lot clearing, excavation, dead wooding, and more.

We offer crane service to assist in the removal of large trees, and dangerous trees are our specialty. Gildersleeve has a 60-foot bucket truck to service even the tallest of trees. Business owners can choose to schedule regular maintenance, ensuring the outside appearance of your business is in pristine condition at all times. From broken limbs to corrective pruning, our tree care professionals can offer quality service to both residential and commercial customers. Call Gildersleeve Tree Service for unmatched service and competitive prices. When hiring a tree service, it’s important to make sure they’re experienced and knowledgeable in the handling of hazardous limbs and trees. It’s also vital that the company carries insurance in case an accident were to occur, you’re not left held responsible. Rest assured that with Gildersleeve Tree Service, you’ll receive expert service by licensed and insured professionals. Call today to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to your business.

Top 5 Questions For Your Tree Service Tech

While it may be easy to trim a few branches that hang low to the ground, many tree jobs are simply too large and too dangerous for the average person. When working with trees, one must think about electrical lines, wildlife, nearby structures and other factors that could endanger you while working high in the canopy. However, hiring a tree service may be just as risky if you aren’t asking them the right questions. Here are the top five things you should ask before hiring anybody to work on trees at your home or business!

  1. Do they have a list of references?

Any reputable company will be more than willing to provide references and contact information to prove the quality of their work. If you’re being denied the references you seek, start looking for other companies that will provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

  1. What techniques and equipment will they use?

When it comes to tree service, you’ll want to ask about how the work will be conducted. If they are to use heavy equipment or be driving across your lawn, be sure they understand what parts of the yard are off limits, where important sprinkler or electric lines are, and let it be known that you expect the job to go on without damage done to your yard or your home.

  1. How long will the job take?

The length of a job is based on the work that needs to be done, how many trees are being worked on, the weather, and a number of other factors. Get an estimate from the tree service, and have them explain the reason for the length of time they quote you. If one company seems like they’re cutting things a little short, that could be an indication of poor quality work.

  1. Will they do a professional job?

There are various factors that determine the professionalism of a company. Among the questions you need answered are: do they have a website, do they have pictures of their work, do they respond to phone calls, is their equipment clean and well taken care of, etc.? Ask questions before hiring any company; true professionals will have the answers and be more than willing to give you insight as to how they do business.

  1. Do they use spikes for climbing trees?

Spikes should only be used in the event that the tree is going to be removed. Using spikes for climbing can cause damaging wounds that will ultimately end up killing your trees. Request that spikes not be used for tree services such as pruning, limb removal and other services where the tree will be staying put.

Protect yourself, your home, and your trees by asking the right questions before hiring any tree service.