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Tree Cutting

Have dead limbs, or unwanted limbs on your tree? That’s not a problem. Our tree care specialists are on the job with affordable and quick tree cutting services.

Storm Damage Clean-up

Storms happen and it’s not your fault. That means storm damage clean-up shouldn’t be on you. Contact our team and we’ll be out there to assist you in your storm damage clean-up needs.

Stump Grinding

Rid unwanted stumps from your yard for good with our stump grinding services. This is a less-intrusive option than complete stump removal.

2 year warranty

Residential Tree Service
Commercial Tree Service
Municipal Tree Service

Storm Damage – Removal & Clean Up Services

Living in the Midwest, we’ve seen quite a few storms. That’s why we’re here to assist you with your storm damage emergency removal and clean up needs. We have experience removing fallen limbs near power lines, and homes in a multitude of conditions. Those include, rainstorm clean-up, ice and snowstorm damage, flooding, and more. No matter your need, our tree removal team will be there to assist you in your removal and clean up process.

Complete Tree Removal – Deciding to Remove Trees

Here at Gildersleeve Tree Service, we provide affordable and safe tree removal services to those in the Collinsville, IL area. It can be difficult to remove a tree from your property. That’s why we do it in a safe, affordable, and knowledgeable manner. When it comes to complete tree removal, there can be many reasons as to why you might want it removed. Here are some of the most common reasons individuals decide to remove trees.
  • Poor Tree Health
  • Excessive Trunk Damage
  • The Tree is Hollow
  • Large, Dead Branches
  • Trunk Rot
  • Tree is Under Powerlines
  • Tree has Begun to Lean
  • Limited Room for More Tree Growth
  • Landscaping Changes

The Dangers of Dead Branches & Limbs

Hanging dead branches can create multiple issues for property owners. Not only is a potential risk for injury, but it can cause unexpected threats to the rest of your property. If a tree is showing signs of dead limbs, it’s important that you make sure the surrounding areas are not in danger. That includes cars, your home, your neighbors and more. Due to the high risk of injury, you should never attempt to remove dead branches or limbs yourself. If you suspect a high-risk accident due to your dead branches, call our office right away and our tree trimming experts will get it taken care of.

Tree Trimming & Topping Services

Like changing the oil in your car, your trees need trimmed to sustain their longevity. It’s also not ideal for a homeowner to try trimming or topping their trees themselves because if done incorrectly you may have sentenced your trees and greenery to a short life. Learning to trim trees comes with the understanding of the biology of a tree. One wrong move and the tree might experience some irreparable damages. – That’s why we’re the leading tree service in the Collinsville, Illinois area!

Tree Stump Griding & Stump Removal in Collinsville, IL!

Tree stump removal has many benefits. It creates extra yard space, removes the chance of injury by tripping or falling, rids your property of unwanted insects, and can prevent the growth of new trees! – If you’re having a tree removed or have a unwanted stump on your property, give our team at Gildersleeve a call.

Lot Clearing Services

If there are trees inhabiting your lot or property, we provide affordable lot clearing services for our commercial and residential customers.

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